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MFL Workshop (Modern Foreign Languages) provides a realistic mock market with many stalls where students (school children through to adults) can use role-play  in conjunction with native language speakers to improve their language skills. The workshop is set up to cover the current  curriculum requirement for Modern Foreign Languages in schools and other educational establishments.

The MFL mobile mock market can easily be set up at any school or other facility and can offer teaching in a variety of languages.

The workshop experience

I was born and educated in France but I have been working as a French Language teacher in the UK for many years and with the knowledge and experience gained over this time I realized the importance of visual support as a major advantage in the retention of language skills.
My husband and I developed a series of visual aids in the form of replica market stalls and I quickly recognized that my students learnt to associate words with items far more easily than I had found using traditional teaching techniques.
My passion is to inspire children and adults to learn and speak a foreign language. After using our initial stalls successfully, we soon expanded the size and scope of the MFL market.
We have developed a great representation of a food market and have now incorporated clothing and book stalls. Our plan is to extend the number and variety of stalls further and to develop our service to cover a variety of languages, Spanish, ~German etc. We also plan to use the Market as a teaching aid for students who are learning English as a second language.

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My profile

My name is Karine Walklett and I have lived in the UK since 1993, I am married to an English gentleman and we have three bilingual children. During this time, I have worked in both the public and private educational sectors. I was the      co-founder of “Les Alouettes” which is a successful school for French speaking children based in Colchester.

I am currently working as an MFL leader and French teacher in two primary schools in Essex. I also work part time with SEN children who have hearing impairment. 
I am British Sign Language certified at    pre-level 3.

 We can provide different packages for schools, retirement home and corporate events.
Please email us for pricing and packages that suits your needs or contact us on 07984443401.